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Al-Anon Information Service of Nassau County Guidelines



The Al-Anon Information Service of Nassau County (ALISON) is a local 12 step service established by the Al-Anon Family Groups in Nassau County, Long Island, NY. Its function is to provide a network of communication, pursuing 12 step service, working through the Districts. The activities of ALISON are guided by the 12 Steps and the12 Traditions of Al-Anon. ALISON is supported financially by the groups within the currently established 5 Districts of Nassau County. Contributions from the groups are voluntary and not a condition of membership.


Alternate Group Representative

The AGR (Alternate Group Representative) is the primary link in our chain of communication with the groups. The AGR is elected in his or her group and serves as liaison between that group and ALISON. Each AGR is trusted with the responsibility to bring information from the Quarterly Meetings back to their group. A copy of the ALISON Guidelines shall be given to the AGR. If the AGR cannot attend a Quarterly Meeting, it is his or her responsibility to secure a replacement from their group. The AGR or a replacement is responsible for picking up the groups meeting lists at the Quarterly Meetings.


Alternate District Representative

The ADR (Alternate District Representative) is elected from and by the AGRs of the groups within each District.


Quarterly Meetings

These meetings are held on the second Tuesday of January, April, July and October. Each is attended by the ALISON Board Members and the AGRs or their replacement; however, all interested members are welcome.  Reports of all functions of ALISON will be presented. Each Officer, Committee Coordinator and AGR has one vote, insuring that each represented group has one vote per issue. A simple majority will carry. Meeting lists will be distributed at the end of the Quarterly Meetings.


Monthly Meetings

Board Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, except in January, April, July and October, when it is held on the second Tuesday, just prior to the Quarterly Meeting. These meetings are attended by the Officers and Coordinators of ALISON and the Alternate District Representatives. If a District does not have an ADR, the District Representative (DR) should attend. At this meeting the District reports are read. Any interested Al-Anon or Alateen member is invited to attend without a vote. Each Officer, Committee Coordinator and ADR has one vote. A simple majority will carry.


Election Meetings / Term Limits/ Rotation of Leadership

Elections are held on the second Tuesday of October at the October Quarterly meeting for all Board positions. Positions are for 1 year terms, which begin the following January. A simple majority is needed to elect. Board members may seek reelection to a maximum of 3 consecutive years in any one position and 6 consecutive years on the Board. A former Board member may seek any open position, as long as that former Board member has not served on the Board for at least 1 year.

It is suggested that any Al-Anon member standing for a position have at least 2 years active participation in the program and have an understanding of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of Service. In addition, to conform to the current 2006-2009 Al-Anon Service Manual (ref. pgs. 79 & 133), it is suggested that only current or past AGRs (Alternate Group Representatives) or GRs (Group Representatives) are eligible to sit on the ALISON Board.

Outgoing board members are encouraged to find possible replacements for their positions and mentor, as service sponsors, newly elected Board members. If need be, nominations may be proposed at the subsequent Quarterly meetings until all positions are filled. The newly elected Officers and Committee Coordinators are expected to work closely with those they will be succeeding, including attendance at the November and December Board Meetings. This will insure a smooth transition of duties when the new terms of office start. In the event that any Officer or Committee Coordinator is unable, for any reason, to fulfill his or her duties, the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson must be notified promptly.

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